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Whether you have specific questions about driving better pricing outcomes in a B2B environment—or just want to know which questions you should be asking—the library of questions in the PricingBrew Journal makes it easy to find the answers and resources you need.

Here are just a few that subscribers get access to:

  • What are the different buyer types we might be negotiating with?
  • What are some good ways to talk about price/volume tradeoffs?
  • Can pricing analysts be taught the softer skills they need to be successful?
  • What are the growth paths that other pricing groups are taking?
  • Why is accurate price segmentation so important?
  • How can we get ahold of competitors' price lists?
  • Our competitors are offering a lower price. Why wouldn’t a customer just take their offer?
  • Why are salespeople so quick to offer discounts?
  • When conducting research interviews, how many should we try to conduct?
  • When it comes to calculating customer profitability, how good is “good enough”? How accurate is accurate enough?

This question is just one of hundreds of educational resources you get access to as a PricingBrew Journal subscriber.

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