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Whether you have specific questions about driving better pricing outcomes in a B2B environment—or just want to know which questions you should be asking—the library of questions in the PricingBrew Journal makes it easy to find the answers and resources you need.

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  • What is the average % lift reported by those using price elasticity to set prices?
  • What if our top-selling salesperson is the worst at hitting target prices and margins?
  • What are the growth paths that other pricing groups are taking?
  • Aren't pricing outliers always a bad thing?
  • Why are salespeople so quick to offer discounts?
  • How can we get ahold of competitors' price lists?
  • Our competitors are offering a lower price. Why wouldn’t a customer just take their offer?
  • Should I give my salespeople a specific price, or is a range OK?
  • Can just measuring something cause it to improve?
  • Are there other profitable growth drivers a pricing team could focus on?

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