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Cautionary Pricing Stories

One of the things I love about PricingBrew is how we give practitioners access to the dirt. I mean, everybody is willing to talk about “success stories” and textbook examples of “best practices in practice.” But from our perspective, learning from others’ mistakes is far more motivating and beneficial.

And there’s no better source for cautionary tales than consultants. It’s a win-win: They get a cathartic release and we get a host of lessons about what not to do.

For example, one consultant provided us with a case study detailing his experience in helping a client with a pricing technology initiative that had gone off the rails 10 months after implementation.

The case study, How a Top Salesperson Gutted a Pricing Initiative, delivers a number of powerful lessons through a compelling, easy-to-read narrative:

  • The importance of aligning reward and recognition systems.
  • Just how influential salespeople’s peers can actually be, day to day.
  • How the key to diagnosing problems is asking the right questions.
  • The importance of change management with pricing technology.
  • How to use the right data to influence management decisions.

Of course, we could just tell Journal subscribers about the “right ways” to execute all of the above. And through all of our guides, tutorials, and training seminars, we try to do just that.

But after you read the case study, I think you’ll agree that it’s different somehow. Yes, the lessons and learnings are all there. But they seem to have a lot more power and punch. Maybe it’s because they’re real and raw—not all dressed-up in corporate-speak and marketing language.

Or maybe it’s because the “right way” to do anything is far more motivating when you can actually see the painful consequences of getting it wrong.

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