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Whether you have specific questions about driving better pricing outcomes in a B2B environment—or just want to know which questions you should be asking—the library of questions in the PricingBrew Journal makes it easy to find the answers and resources you need.

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  • Why is accurate price segmentation so important?
  • When pricing and quoting based on customers' projected volumes for the coming year, how do we protect ourselves against them falling short and not earning the price?
  • When leading others through the rationale behind a change, isn't there a danger that they'll arrive at different conclusions?
  • Why don't more B2B companies measure and utilize price elasticity?
  • Are there other profitable growth drivers a pricing team could focus on?
  • Can you tell, in advance, whether a promotional discount will work?
  • What are the different buyer types we might be negotiating with?
  • When conducting research interviews, how many should we try to conduct?
  • What types of attributes should we think about for price segmentation?
  • Aren't people usually the root-causes behind most pricing problems?

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