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How to Grow as a Pricing Person

Take a look at some of the most popular guides, interviews, and recorded training seminars in the PricingBrew Journal, and see if you can spot the common thread:

What I’m seeing is a significant interest in growth. Not just growth in the business sense, but growth in the personal and professional sense.

In addition to learning about the more esoteric topics like segmentation, elasticity, and cost-to-serve, our subscribers are clearly very interested in expanding their horizons, getting ahead, and learning how to add even more value. They’re not just training for today’s tasks; they’re taking it upon themselves to look to tomorrow.

And in my opinion, that’s exactly what needs to happen.

Pricing people can’t wait for a directive or mandate from above. They can’t wait for upper management to figure out what needs to happen next and issue the orders. Pricing people need to take the initiative, educate themselves, and drive their companies…and their careers…forward.

Clever readers may chalk-up the dynamics I’m seeing to selection bias. They’ll say that these resources are popular because only those pricing people who are motivated to grow and succeed would even subscribe to the Journal in the first place.

But I prefer to see it as a positive trend…probably because I also see it as a necessary trend.

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