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The Survival Guide for a Successful Pricing Team

Building a best-in-class pricing team isn’t something that happens overnight. For most B2B organizations it’s a process that spans multiple years, perhaps even decades.

Here at PricingBrew, we want to help you get to the next level no matter what stage your team is currently in. With that goal in mind, we’ve put together a list of some of our best team development resources. Taken as a whole, these guides, assessments, and webinars provide a roadmap for building a pricing team that is truly one of the best in business.

  1. Hiring The Right Pricing Analysts. If your organization has never had anyone in an official pricing capacity before, the first step is hiring your very first analyst. This initial hire is critical because he or she will set the foundation for your pricing program for years to come. That means you need to select the person you hire with great care. This express guide examines the attributes, soft skills, and technical abilities the ideal job candidate will possess.
  2. Assessing Your Pricing Team’s Capabilities. Once you have a person or two on your pricing team, you need to evaluate their abilities and performance on a regular basis. This helps point out areas for growth and gives your team goals to focus on. This simple self-assessment walks your team through 52 simple yes-no questions that can point them toward continuous improvement.
  3. Creating and Running a Pricing Governance Team. As a pricing team grows, matures, and gains more influence in the organizations, it’s really common for the group to get push-back from other departments. Rather than fight against these other internal teams, we recommend that companies form Pricing Governance Teams that accept input from all the key stakeholders. Typically, these groups include representatives from sales, marketing, product management, and of course, pricing. This express guide explains how and why to set up one of these teams, as well as offering tips for improving their effectiveness.
  4. Building a Pricing Center of Excellence. Many B2B firms that have begun to experience some benefits from their pricing initiatives report that they are able to achieve higher degrees of success by adopting a “Center of Excellence” model. This approach to pricing leadership seeks to increase the level of pricing knowledge throughout the organization and encourages the adoption of best practices. This express guide is for organizations that already have an established pricing team and would like to make that team more effective. It explains the mindset, strategies, and tactics that can help pricing practitioners become true leaders in their organizations.
  5. Growing Your Pricing Team to Be Best-In-Class. The ultimate goal for pricing teams is to become the best of the best. And the best way to get there is to examine and replicate what other superlative pricing teams are doing. In this webinar, you’ll learn what separates “powerhouse” pricing teams from the rest of the pack and get a host of tips, gleaned from extensive research, for what your team can and should be doing if you want to excel.


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